"Welcome to my web page! I'm Lala or Blasiancameleon ^_^ I hope you all enjoy my site and I'll keep you all posted on what my next move is, whether it's here or on Twitter. You can follow me on Twitter @blasiancameleon! Also watch my webcam show! And love you all <3 Muah!" 

- Love Lala 

About My Webcam Show 


So you guys know I'm a webcam model! You don't have to watch, but if you're interested go to blasiancameleon.cammodels.com  to watch my Live show ^_^


So you all know that they deleted my old YouTube account :( That sucks! But I did make a new one! Subscribe ^_^ 


Where to find all my Explicit Videos!

If you want to see all my X-Rated videos and dance videos go to dailymotion.com/blasiancameleon and read the comments to the left of my profile! I wrote instructions for all of you who don't have an account. Scroll to the bottom of the page and under the column "Help" and you will see  the option "Familiy Filter ON". Click there and it will take you to a new page. There you will be able to switch your filter to "OFF" and all my videos will be available for you to watch! :) Family Filter must be on OFF.



Tumblr blogs!



 Age: Eighteen

Nationality: Native American, African American, Filipino, & Japanese 

Location: US, Hawaii

Lala's Blog


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